I Won?

  I did? I swear I am still in shock. I cannot believe this is really happening but I have, I have won the Campus Romance Contest here on Litnet. The whole experience at the AWP Conference was AMAZING. There was a massive amount of Presses, Literary Magazines, Publishers, Poetry Publishers, and MFA writing programs. There were guilds and workshops and I am exhausted just thinking about it but at the same time invigorated by the possibilities. I was handing out my business card left and right as I was accepting submission forms and collecting contacts or more information. Two Editors even asked me to autograph my business card and I’m still kinda geeking out about it. Then the big day finally arrives and they say my name and I am in disbelief. I made it. I am an award winning author. My God I couldn’t ask for a more amazing day!!! The finalist are a wonderful, beautiful group of women who I am proud be find myself amongst.   Jessica-Wright you were the heart and soul of our little group. You sought us out and brought us together and for that I am eternally grateful. AnnaRCase- I love your sense of humor, don’t every change your sweet and sassy ways. You’re amazing. Cherie Mitchell – I know you have a twin already but I swear we should have been sisters. Your infectious giggles were the highlight of my day! Alexandra Marie – I so wish we could have gotten a chance to hang out with you more. You are such a talented writer. I hope in the future we will get a chance to get to know one another better. SavannahGeorgia – Last but far from least, I enjoyed our talk, and love your idea for your next WIP I so hope we get to talk more soon! Dear Litnet, what can I say… Anastasia Zhuravlova- Thank you for organizing all the details down to the wonderful hotel you chose. The scenic river at sunrise was just what I needed to help me reset and center each day.   Andrew Tytenko – You did an awesome job today! And thank you once again, I just can’t say it enough for taking a chance on this author and her talents. I owe you BIG and I hope to help you in any way I can in making American Litnet be the HUGE success I know you would like it to be. AGAIN, I must say THANK YOU my wonderful lovely readers. Without your love and support of me and my book. I would not have experienced this moment. And to my entire family who have supported me every step of my journey so far, who have believed in me and have given me to courage to pursue my dreams. I Love you! I Love you! I Love You! Charity Rue aka – Ruechari